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A Manual of Artistic Anatomy: For the Use of Sculptors, Painters, and Amateurs (1830),
Robert Knox

Anatomy of the Human Body (1918),,,,
Henry Gray

Anatomy and Drawing (1928),
Victor Perard

Anatomical Auxiliary: A Key for the Study of the Artistic Anatomy of the Human Figure (1887),
Henry Leidel (jr.)

An Artistic Treatise on the Human Figure: Containing Hints on Proportion, Colour and Composition (1881),
Henry Warren

Constructive Anatomy (1920),
George B. Bridgman

The Human Figure (1911),
John H. Vanderpoel

art history

A History of French painting from its earliest to its latest practice (1907),
Clara Cornelia Harrison Stranahan

Exhibition of the Royal Academy (1896),
Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)

Gérôme: the life and works of Jean Léon Gérôme (1892),
Fanny Field Hering

Lectures on Painting: Delivered at the Royal Academy (1801),
Henry O’Neil

The life of an artist: an autobiography (1890),
Jules Breton


artists biography

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painting/ drawing

A Manual of Oil Painting (1891),
John Collier

Compendium a l’usage des artistes peintres (1881),
Jacques Blockx

Lectures on Art (1904),
John Ruskin

The Painter’s Methods and Materials (1926),
A. P. Laurie

The Practice of Oil Painting and of Drawing as Associated with it (1910),
Solomon Joseph Solomon


The Science of Painting (1892),
Jehan Georges Vibert

The Theory and Practice of Painting in Oil and Water Colours for Landscape and Portraits (1986),
Theodore Henry Fielding

Oil Painting: A Handbook for the Use of Students and Schools (1885),
Frank Fowler

Perspective For Artists (1921),
Rex Vicat Cole

The Elements of Drawing and the Elements of Perspective (1912),
John Ruskin


The Practice and Science of Drawing (1913),
Harold Speed

The Training of the Memory in Art and the Education of the Artist (1911),
Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran


colour theory/pigment history/materials

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Composition: A Series of Exercises Selected from a New System of Art Education (1903),
Arthur Wesley Dow

Figure Composition (1905),
Richard G. Hatton

Landscape and Figure Composition (1910),
Sadakichi Hartmann

Pictorial Composition (1903),
Henry Rankin Poore



On Drawing Trees and Nature (2005),
J.D. Harding

The Artistic Anatomy of Trees (1920),
Rex Vicat Cole

The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour (1911),
Sir Alfred East

On Drawing Trees and Nature (2005),
J.D. Harding



A Primer of Sculpture (1889),
E. Roscoe Mullins

The art of the bronze founder, especially in its relation to the casting of bronze statuary and other sculptural work (1916),
William Donald Mitchell