about us

CREAR is a technological platform for art and culture, that exists in both web and app versions, with exclusive content, both locally and globally.

It seeks to be a new type of experience (personal, social and technological, acting as a creative and learning tool), that promotes a high level of global sustainability. With dynamic content, with emphasis on artistic-cultural objects, it can be used both as a free (social) and a paid (pro) version. CREAR is highly customizable and adaptable, depending on interests, location and preferences; and is presented interactively, using AI and AR.


  • Exclusive Content

  • Worldwide Database

  • Specialized Analysis

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Augmented Reality

  • Integrative Connectivity

  • Maps

  • Responsive Geolocation

  • Image Recognition

  • IOS and Android


Create an integrated Experience of

Content, with the ability to:

○ make each experience unique;

○ make it targeted to specific audiences,

and to different levels of


○ integrate AR Technology, AI tools, QR

codes for specific messages, and other

features according to needs;

○ provide user analytics;

○ incorporate challenges, music, didactic

ideas, and other principles.

Consult on any need our client might have,

with services that include:

○ advice on art investments;

○ assessments and advising;

○ analyzing collections;

○ coordinating art

experiences/commissions with artists;

○ site specific analysis of art experiences;

○ exhibition/artist/culture sites catalogues;

○ among others.

mission & values

CREAR’s purpose is to expand the knowledge of Art to all people, from all walks of life, from all cultures, and from all ages. Acting as an inclusive platform, CREAR is devoted to connecting transversal concepts and, especially, humanity – the most integrative and inclusive concept of all.


We are committed to gathering and unifying information, creating new knowledge, about every art and cultural object and its creator. Serving as an aggregation platform, relating concepts, from all ages and all cultures.


As we believe in the democratization of knowledge, we are devoted to making all knowledge regarding art and culture available to everyone, in a way anyone can use in their day-to-day life, from the scholar to the occasional tourist.


We strive to develop a global art and cultural community, interconnecting people (the users), places (institutions) and concepts (content), from every part of the world.

The App

Take a look at our upcoming app platform! Explore, learn and interact on each page: ranging from artist bios, analyzed works, timelines, games, challenges and more!

We Make Your life Easier

Fun User Experience

The App: Log into the platform with your email to begin your experience.

  • At the top you have the option to view content in the Discover tab or check out the Connect tab to see posts and other artists in our community.

  • Explore content across the categories of Creations, Creators, Places and Definitions.

  • Each category is highlighted at the bottom with our custom icons.

  • The timeline organizes all content in chronological order for a historical learning experience.

  • Like, save and give your own rankings.

  • Visualize intricate details you’ve never noticed before in close-ups.

Creators: Read all about the lives of your favourite artists and learn about new ones! Swiping up on the main feed will take you directly to their page. Find out about:

  • General information on their life and career, such as the historical context and their own personality.

  • What style and technique they executed and mastered, in addition to their creative process.

  • Who and what influenced them during their careers and about the goals they achieved.

  • Their Significance and Legacy as an artist, both at the time and in the present.

  • Fun Facts and Quotes for artistic inspiration.

  • A collection of both their own works and related ones too!

Places: Travel round the world with our Places page. We’ve mapped out exciting experiences in cities all across the globe.

  • Check out historical and cultural heritage.

  • Taste authentic food locations.

  • Discover hidden secrets within the city.

  • Find out which art is where.

  • All content personalized to your interest.

Beautiful User Interface

Create your own profile and take on the full experience!

  • Choose from free version, Silver or Gold subscription.

  • Like and follow your favourite artists and museums.

  • Connect with other artists and grow in our community.

  • Share and save works of your own taste.

  • Participate in challenges and quizzes and earn medals and prizes.

  • Upload and contribute with your own content.

  • All information and connections in the palm of your hand.

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